Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Grad Study Overseas to apply at a University abroad?

Call us toll free, Skype us to find out why you should apply through us!!!

Why should I choose to study Overseas?

As a student to be prepared for a global workforce, studying abroad will help you study and discover yourself as well as the world personally, professionally, academically, culturally and socially. Studying abroad/studying overseas will polish you as an individual with broader understanding of yourself and the world around you.

How will I know if I meet the requirements?

All postgraduate/graduate programs will require a three or four year degree (depending on which University you wish to attend)

How will I chose a program of study?

Our qualified staff will assist you finding a program that fits into your previous studies as well as your needs and choice.

What documents do I require?

To begin with the application process, you will be required to submit a copy of your official transcript. Once we receive this we will review your application and a consultant will be in touch with you regarding submitting any additional documents which depends on the program you are applying for and the university you wish to attend.

When is the start date of the universities?

The academic year in Australia and New Zealand starts in autumn, which is the February intake. Some of the programs also have mid year intake in July. The schools in the UK begin in September, again depending on the programs some offer January intakes as well.

Will I require reference letters?

You will require reference (academic and volunteer) letters if you are applying for the teacher training program for the UK universities. Some of the other programs might require a reference letter as well; you will be notified about this once you have submitted your application online.

When is the best time to apply?

Ideally you must allow yourself six months prior to the start date of the program when you wish to attend. But on special circumstances and if there are places available, students have managed to apply and receive and offer in two months prior to the start date of the program.

How long will it take to receive an offer from time I have submitted my application?

Normally you should hear back in four to six weeks from the time we receive all your documents for your application. If this takes longer then we will let you know the reason for the delay by liaising on your behalf with the University about your application status. We will keep you updated with your application status all the time as it progresses.

Will I be required to pay deposit to hold my spot once I receive an offer?

Yes you will be required to pay deposit by the deadline to ensure that the spot is being held for you in the program that you received the offer for.

Do I have to pay the entire tuition before leaving?

You will not be required to pay the tuition fees before leaving, but there are some student visa requirements which require you to pay some of the tuition. This is detailed on the student visa page of the Grad Study Overseas Website.

Will I be qualified to receive OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) or other provincial loans?

Most of the universities that we represent are eligible for OSAP. Based on every individual financial need, most of the students are awarded OSAP loans for postgraduate/graduate programs. If you are a residence of a province other than Ontario, please check with the provincial loans of your province. Should I appoint a power of attorney?

A parent/relative/friend must be appointed as a power of attorney, in case if your OSAP funds arrive in your bank account in Canada and they need to be transferred to you overseas.

Will you assist in booking flights?

We arrange a group flights for students to get them the benefit of group rates.

How will I book my accommodation?

We will assist you with providing all the information required for permanent or temporary accommodation at the university.

How do I meet other students before leaving?

We appoint a student contact who has volunteered to arrange a social gathering for students who wish to meet other students before leaving to get to know each other.

Will I need a valid passport?

You will require a valid passport for your entire length of stay outside of country. Please ensure to check the dates of validity on your passport before leaving.

Will you assist me with my student visa application?

We will walk you through the entire student visa process and guide you in every step of your application. The details of student visa are also available on the student visa page of our website

How long will student visa application take to process?

Student Visa application takes anywhere from 24 hours to a month depending on which country you are applying for the student visa. Please check details on the student visa page of our website.

Will I be able to work on my student visa?

You are allowed to work up to 20 hours/week on a student visa in the UK and New Zealand and 40/two weeks in Australia.

Will I be picked up at the airport?

Most of the universities offer airport pickup but a request must be made in writing to the university and a confirmation for the pickup must be received on your end.

Will I need health coverage?

Should I get additional insurance?

You will be paying for your health coverage with your tuition in Australia and the UK. Please check with our office for details of health coverage in New Zealand. Yes if you plan to travel outside of country, you should get additional insurance. You should also get coverage for the travel time, since you will not have coverage from the time you leave Canada till you arrive at your university.

Where should I find out about the exchange rate when paying my tuition?

Please check the link for currency exchange to find out what the current rate of exchange is

Can I defer my offer for one year?

Most of the universities allow a deferral for one year (some restrictions may apply on selected programs)