About Grad Study Overseas

Grad Study Overseas has been established to meet the rising demand for international education which incorporates global concept. International education has increased even more now than before as the world now is being defined by global economy. As a student to be prepared for a global workforce, studying abroad will help you study and discover yourself as well as the world personally, professionally, academically, culturally and socially. Studying abroad/studying overseas will polish you as an individual with broader understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Grad Study Overseas makes this whole process of applying to international universities an easy process by guiding the students in every step of their application process right from the time you start thinking about studying abroad till you have arrived at your international university. This includes searching for the right program for you according to your previous studies, helping you to chose a right university for you, getting your application ready, submitting it on your behalf, liaising with the university on your behalf, relaying the offer received from the university to you, assisting with the payment of tuition/deposit to the university, providing you all the information about the student visa process, arranging accommodation, flight booking and airport pickup.